Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Math and ELA Crafts

This Christmas, make it easy on yourself by incorporating easy-to-prep, FUN craftivities to reinforce key Math and ELA skills in the classroom. These crafts correspond with 1st and 2nd grade common core standards, making them easy to tie in as extension activities throughout the month. Students enjoy cutting, pasting and matching to create unique projects that can be easily differentiated to meet the needs of all learners in your classroom. Craftivities are visually appealing, and make instant eye-catching bulletin board displays. Check out some more below, and score a FREEBIE of one of our favorites while you’re here!
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Students will choose a red reindeer nose with a number on it, and then complete a word problem and decorate antlers to reflect that number. There are 10 different noses to choose from!

Students will look at numbers and decompose them into 2 smaller numbers while making eye-catching holly leaves. Even better—there are over 20 options that provide many opportunities for student practice!

Decorate festive Christmas Trees by sorting light bulbs by even and odd numbers! 

Create a fun fireplace scene while practicing skip counting skills. Stockings include numbers that involve skip counting by 3’s, 5’s and 10’s, so students have the opportunity to work on multiple skills.

Students practice identifying time to the 5 minutes on digital and analogue clocks, while making matches on festive wreaths.

Skip count by hundreds from 100 to 1,000 to match the missing pieces and make a candy cane “puzzle” that is perfect for classroom displays!

Students work to solve a variety of different problems involving factions to complete a Christmas gift—use 3 different versions to give your students multiple options for practice.

Create a fun Santa craft and practice identifying coins of mixed values up to $1.00! Students will also complete addition and subtraction problems involving money for additional review.

Cut, sort and glue to complete this interactive bell craft while demonstrating knowledge of the ELL word family.

Students will identify the number of syllables in Christmas related words and pictures, while having fun cutting and pasting to create a decorative sleigh.

Students will complete a variety of fun activities to demonstrate knowledge of “s” blend words including matching, a crossword activity and more!

Cut and sort pictures based on the “th” and “ch” digraphs to create festive Christmas trees with colorful ornaments. Grab these adorable trees on us right here to use with your own students this winter!

If you are wondering about the bright Astrobrights paper we use and love to make our crafts POP, you can check it out right here. We have found that amazon has the best price for it! Enjoy!

If you want to see more, check out the seasonal craftivities on Teachers Pay Teachers! We also bundled all 4 seasons together as well as 6 holidays at a discounted price.

Link on TeachersPayTeachers
Link on TeachersPayTeachers