Monday, May 2, 2016

Top Wishlisted Resources

Did you hear the EXCITING news? TPT is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale Tuesday May 3rd and Wednesday May 4th. That means it is the perfect time to empty your wishlists and purchase those classroom resources for the end of the year and even back to school. Our entire store including MEGA BUNDLES that have all materials for 6 weeks of instruction or more will be 28% off! That is a huge savings! 

Our Solar System MEGA Bundle Pocketbook Portfolio Unit is the deepest discount in our store. With a value of $45, you can purchase this 400+ page unit for only $18!!!! With 10 weeks of comprehensive lesson plans, differentiated materials and an easy to prep format, this unit is a must in our classroom this summer! 

The Summer Olympic Pocketbook MEGA Unit is the perfect unit to teach this summer as students are getting ready to watch the Rio 2016 Olympics. Students will love to learn about the Ancient and Modern Olympics, and then can complete four different Summer Olympic Sports units: Swimming, Gymnastics, Track and Field, and Basketball. With a value of $27, you can purchase this mega unit for ONLY $15.80! All the materials you will need for *6 weeks* of instruction in your elementary classroom!
Click HERE to grab it in our TPT store!

Check out the #1 best seller in our store, the individual pocket, Discovering Africa! It is one of the 7 pocket pages that comes in the Discovering the 7 Continents Pocketbook MEGA Unit, but is sold separately at a discounted price of $3.24. Your students will love learning about the animals, geographical features, food, famous places and MORE features of the continent through engaging, hands-on, multimodal lessons. Grab it at a deep discount of 28% off today!

Thank you so much for hosting this link, Teaching in the Tongass! Head back over to her page to find more wonderful resources! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! :)

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