Friday, February 10, 2017

Five for Friday!!

It’s Friday and it has us feeling all sorts of happy today! We’re linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for her Five for Friday post. This week’s five random facts from our classroom showcase our favorite Teachers Pay Teachers sellers.

Our first favorite seller is Krista Wallden’s Creative Clips.

We LOVE using her clipart in our products! Her style is so kid-friendly, it’s adorable, and her wide variety has SO many uses in our lives! We use her clipart for…
…morning work journal covers…

…and her artwork is featured in our new Weather Unit.
We love using Creative Clips in our products and in our classroom!

Another Teachers Pay Teachers favorite of ours is The Moffatt Girls.
We use her monthly No-Prep Packets as part of our morning work notebooks! Because our students perform at different independent levels, we’re able to differentiate their morning work notebooks because she has varying skill levels available in her store.
*Teacher hack: create morning work at your students’ independent levels so you can finish up last minute to-do’s in the morning. Or drink your coffee when it’s actually hot. J

Not only do we love The Moffatt Girls for our morning work notebooks, but we also love Second Story Window morning work! We usually alternate these TPT authors monthly. We love that Second Story Window morning work is directly related to Common Core Learning Standards. Second Story Window morning work requires no prepping and has clear, organized directions for our kiddos.
We’re surprised we haven’t mentioned Learning in Wonderland in previous blog posts yet. Her creations are definitely a favorite of ours! We use her products in both our professional and personal lives.
We use her classroom rules and behavior clip chart in our rooms!
We’ve used her flipbook template for numerous resources in our classrooms. This template has SO many uses! We’ve used it for Parent Night, student projects, novel studies, and back-to-school activities.
We love her products so much that we even use her calendars in our personal lives. They look adorable in our kitchen and we like typing our family events instead of writing them in by hand.
Our last favorite this Friday is our Black History Unit, which currently features Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. These new units follow our pocket book format, which has our students sticking with the routine and structure of this series.
Of course we’ve used Krista Wallden’s Creative Clips in our newest unit J She is a favorite after all!
Thanks for joining us this Friday for our favorite TPT authors! We’re looking forward to seeing other Five for Friday posts today!

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  1. Hello from a fellow Kelly! I found your blog through the Five for Friday linkup and I’m glad I did! I think it’s great that you share your favorite sellers and how you use their products in your classrooms. It’s always nice to see how someone uses a resource because there are typically so many ways a teacher can incorporate them into their classrooms!

    I love Second Story Window’s morning work! I love how comprehensive it is and so easy to prep for the week! Also makes for great review!

    Sliding Into Second Grade