Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lunchware for Teachers

Happy June!! Is anyone else jumping for joy today? Here in Buffalo our schools are still in session so we are deriving motivation anything. Literally anything.

Today is part three of our lunch series: Double Dose your Lunch Break. You can check out our previous posts below…

Today we’re focusing on something we love. If you follow us on Instagram you may have an idea of what we mean. We LOVE cute lunchware. Lunch boxes, tumblers, travel coffee mugs, lunch containers. If it’s cute and has to do with food, we love it and probably own something like it. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite lunchware and included some tips that help us feel more energized during the day.

By now you’ve seen one of our favorite lunches, Uncrustables. We wanted to highlight the lunch bag in the bag. It’s a Vera Bradley, an all-around teacher favorite brand! These lunch bags are sturdy, washable, big enough to hold a family buffet, and of course, look adorable on our arm as we walk down the hallway 😊

In April we attended the Flock TPT Conference and we were able to get our hands on these adorable thermal travel mugs! Mornings can be chaotic, especially in school, and these mugs remind us of a fun weekend with some creative and talented TPT authors. We’ve found that when we use our Ninja coffee machine, we end up saving more on our weekly trips to Tim Hortons. Sure, we invest a little upfront, but that investment has proven to be delicious and beneficial!

One of our (many) New Year’s resolutions was to drink more water and we’ve found that fun, adorable, and practical water tumblers have really helped increase our water intake. The water bottle above is a favorite of ours because it includes glitter! If you can’t tell from our logo, the Double Dose ladies have an extreme love for glitter. Just not when it’s on our classroom floor! With us heading into warmer months, grab yourself a cute water bottle or tumbler to prevent dehydration, headaches, and possibly additional irritability 😊
Our last teacher lunchware is this nifty lunch container. We found this at Home Goods and have been on the hunt for more. It collapses into a super thin container but then extends into a durable meal prep container.

We love the separated compartments for the food groups we attempt to hit each day. The underside of the lid even has a detachable (and attachable) fork and the top side of the lid has a spot for dipping sauces. It’s completely microwave and dishwasher safe-hallelujah- and clearly stores easily. If you don’t have a collapsible lunch container, it’s time to roam the aisles of Home Goods and treat yourself!
Thanks for catching up with us and join us in one more week for our last installment of our lunch series!

{To stay organized in the classroom, check out these Interactive classroom resources for the busy teacher}

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