Friday, August 18, 2017

Five Summer Favorites

Woohoo, we are SO excited that its Friday!!! We both have been working summer sessions, and to say we’re ready for the weekend is an understatement. We’re both always running around like crazy, and are trying to get better at taking care of ourselves physically and mentally while keeping our classroom organization on point. Here's to another great week of sharing some of our thoughts and ideas that we’ve especially enjoyed while working (and trying to recharge after!) summer school.


11      Fresh Flowers: Nothing says “summer” like bright, beautiful blooms! We both have enjoyed fresh flowers on our desks to brighten up our spaces. Studies have proven that flowers in your space can help improve anxiety, memory, and help boost your productivity. I knew there was something to it! Check out this article to see how flower power really does boost you mood!


          Summer Reading: Since we have a little more downtime this summer, we’ve both decided to pick up some summer reading! What books better to complement each other than “Teach Like a Pirate” and ”Lead Like a Pirate”?! Perfect timing too since we both are/will be starting brand new positions in new schools, and it’s nice sharpen our skills and refresh our outlooks for the new school year ahead! Both give dynamic tips on how to bring enthusiasm, passion, and life-changing lessons to your students and coworkers. Has anyone else picked up either of these fab reads?

          Sippin’ on Summer Drinks: What is a better way to relax when the weather is warm than enjoying a fun summer beverage? I love shopping at my local farmers market each week to get fresh fruit I can mix up in my drinks. Check out a few of our favorites below that we’ve given our stamp of approval!!!

Summer Sangria from What the Fork


         SHARKS. Need I say more?! Kelly’s students are SO pumped to have finished their Shark Research Unit Pocketbooks. Pocketbooks integrate ELA with high-interest, science and social studies topics, and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of activities that make up the pocketbook portfolio. Take a more in-depth look at Shark Week and lessons for your classroom here! If you have been wondering what Pocketbooks are all about then check out this video here>>> 

Sharks MEGA BUNDLE Pocketbook

Target Dollar Spot: Paradise for any teacher!!! Kelly is gearing up to decorate a BRAND NEW room, in a brand new school for that matter. She is super excited to pick a new theme, and has found so much inspiration from the Target Dollar Spot already. Love her apple decor so far, and I can't wait to see how she will use it!

Thanks for reading!!! What are some ways that you are enjoying the summer or getting ready to go back to school? Either way, cheers to the weekend :)

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