Sunday, January 14, 2018

5 time-saving tips for the busy teacher's life

Do you also have that permanent teacher tired look going on? We give our ALL to our students and classrooms so sometimes things at home might go to way-side until those breaks and summer, but we found some tips that we are going to share with you that have made our lives a whole lot easier! 

Grocery shopping is literally my arch-nemesis. Maneuvering a shopping cart with a toddler perched up front during a busy Sunday shop is not my idea of fun. It also takes out a solid two hours or more of my weekend. 

I heard about instacart awhile ago, but never tried it. I didn't want to pay the inflated prices and it did seem a bit lazy. However, I tried for the first time on Friday. We had a snow day because the windchill was so low and I am OBSESSED! By Sunday I had already had a second delivery. You can get $10 off your first order and free delivery by downloading the app through someone's referral code. After that you can join Express Instacart for FREE unlimited deliveries for $149 a year. I will be saving more in gas through the year by not making those weekly trips to the grocery store. You can still use coupons that are loaded on the app and your shoppers club cards for savings. The person that shops for you can message you through the app if they are out of an item. The app also notifies you with a picture of your driver and lets you know when they are on their way. 

Use a planner, and by planner, we mean one that will motivate and inspire you to organize your life at home and at work. One that you won't mind looking at on your countertop, desk, teacher bag or in the passengers seat of your car. The Double Dose teachers cannot live without their  planners! We write everything from meeting dates, lesson plans, future ideas for resources, appointments, family events, hockey practices and everything in between. Pull out your flair pens and color coordinate as much as it makes you happy to do so. We were disappointed this year to discover that Kate Spade stopped making planners, our typical go-to! This year Stephanie opted for the adorable Rae Dunn that you can find right here which will promptly be matching her office supplies. Kelly chose to go with a Lilly Pulitizer planner so she can envision herself beachside all year long. You can check it out here {Amazon Affiliate link}

Keep a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list and prioritize the list. Accomplish the most important tasks first which will alleviate any pressure or stresses you had about the "main thing" on your list. If you want to feel even better about crossing things off of your list, put a little box next to each item and literally check off boxes as you accomplish your to-do list. Also...use a flair pen.

Thumbtack App!!! Being the time-saving teachers that we are, we have learned to not hesitate to ask for help. Checking things off our "to-do" lists is what we're all about, and Thumbtack has got you covered. It's an online service that connects you to thousands of professionals in your area that can help you with just about any project or service that you may need. Want to find someone to help organize your messy basement, fix your old computer, or paint your spare room?  Do you need help catering that family party you're hosting this weekend, or are looking for someone to let your dog out during the day? Thumbtack has got you covered. 

You answer questions about what type of service you're looking for, and Thumbtack will connect you to professionals in your areas that will give you price quotes on the spot. Read through reviews, and directly message who you want to work with.  Download it in the app store on your phone and have access to help right at your fingertips!

Get organized the night before! This is one of those things that you really don't feel like doing after a long day, but its worth it. Mornings go so much smoother when you have spent a few minutes the night before picking out your clothes, ironing and laying your clothes and accessories out! Recently, I have also began a Sunday routine of ironing 5 outfits and pairing them together which makes weeknights even easier. We also find our outfits are much cuter when we haven't picked them out prior to our cup of caffeine. We also like to meal prep our lunches to make the mornings even easier. You might remember we wrote about teacher meal preps here. And, when we just have way too much going on--one of the Double Dose teachers swears by throwing a high protein Uncrustable sandwich in a lunch bag and calling it a day.  Let's face it-sometimes getting organized the night before can seem extremely daunting after a holy grail of a TeacherTired day! 

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