Thursday, April 19, 2018

5 Steps for Successful Informative Writing

We love this easy system for getting students to write about an informational topic. After students understand how each graphic organizer is used, then YOU will save time with procedures and allow students to spend more time writing. 

1. Identify the topic
Make it clear and concise. 

2.    Get the Gist to identify the most important part of the topic
Have students talk with a partner or work independently to decide what the most important part of the topic is in just ten words or less. This is essentially, the “main idea” of an informational text.

3.   Brainstorm important facts or details onto a Graphic Organizer
Students will brainstorm by writing their top 4 interesting facts on the graphic organizer. This organizer can also be used to write adjectives to describe the topic which is an easy way to differentiate. Grab a FREE graphic organizer right here that can be used with any topic!

4.    Paragraph Graphic Organizer: Transfer and lengthen ideas 
Students will use their Get the Gist statement as their opening or closing sentence. Then, students will improve their sentence structure and add details while transferring their work from the previous graphic organizer. We like to offer students two different types of handwriting lines for student preference.

5.    Write to inform about the topic and illustrate!
After all of the previous pieces are completed, the students are now ready to write a well-organized paragraph. We love to finish with giving them some time to illustrate the topic. 

Send us an e-mail to let us know if you have any questions and remember to download your graphic organizer FREEBIE to use with any informational topic.

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