Friday, October 21, 2016

Five for Friday

Ahh, Friday. We meet again…and that’s something we’re not mad about! Recently we joined a linky party and loved it! This Friday we’re doing another linky party with Doodle Bugs Teaching. It’s Five for Friday!

We’re posting five random things about our classrooms this week!

This isn’t completely random but we can’t believe it’s already mid-October! The beginning of the school year is always so overwhelming, so busy, so chaotic, yet such a magical time we get to know all of our students :) We’ve had pumpkins and Halloween on our mind lately and we’re looking forward to all the other fun events coming up this time of the year.

After thinking about how fast this year is already flying by, we realized how fast time flew by since we became teacher besties! Stephanie is in the middle of her 6th year teaching and Kelly is in the middle of her 10th year teaching. We may feel like the days are long (sometimes) but the weeks and years just fly by! In one of our very first posts we discuss how we became teacher besties years ago. You can see that post here!

We love weekends! Doesn’t everybody? The weather here in Buffalo this weekend was beautiful! It was so nice to take a fresh breath of air and enjoy the fall weather and enjoy the fall colors. Here’s how the Double Dose teachers enjoyed their long weekend…

Stephanie’s front porch was completed and she enjoyed some time on her new porch before heading to Oktoberfest with her husband and some friends! Stephanie loves decorating and will thoroughly enjoy decorating this new spot!

Kelly took her own little pumpkins to the zoo for their annual Trick-or-Treat event! How adorable is this pumpkin?!

This cooler weather has us reminiscing about summer! Because our school is a 12-month program, we both taught summer school this past summer. We decided to teach a whole unit of solar systems this summer using our Solar System Pocket Book. Well over the summer we accidentally reversed the words “asteroids” and “astrobrights” a couple of times while we were teaching! We just have to laugh at ourselves at moments like that. We posted this photo to Instagram :)

If you’re looking for our Solar System Pocket Book unit you can find it in our store! Each planet is also available separately too!

Speaking of the summer, we decided to reminisce on time that we spent with our families during our much needed June break this year. Stephanie went to the beautiful Caribbean. Her and her husband Angelo went to Jamaica and it was so amazing that they cannot wait to go back!

Kelly went with her family to Disney World for a few days, then to Siesta Key Beach and then Venice Beach Fl. It was such a relaxing and beautiful time spent well. When can we go back was our first thought when we got home!

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