Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What I'm Planning Wednesday

We’re back for another Wednesday! 

Recently we started participating in an Instagram series called #whatimplanningwednesday. Search the hashtag on Instagram for some great ideas for the classroom!

We’re halfway through week two of our U.S Election Unit and our students are loving it! Although we spend a whole week on each candidate, they’re constantly learning new information because of the depth of each activity. This week we’re discovering Hillary Clinton.

Check out some of our pictures from this week so far!

After the presidential debate a couple weeks ago, we rewarded our students with watching this hilarious and oh-so-school-appropriate YouTube clip from Ellen Degeneres’ show. Our students were splitting at the seams at how silly this parody was! We attached the video below in case you need some laughs on this Wednesday!! :) 

Our students are little politicians and they’re excited to voice their opinion on the end-of-the-unit craftivity!

Next week we’ll be discovering The Executive Branch & U.S President using this next unit in our mega bundle!

Some of you reached out and asked if we sold mini units of our Mega Election Unit and the answer is yes! We’re selling selections from our mega unit in the following options:

1.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (2 weeks)
2. The Executive Branch & US President (1 week)
3. The US Election Process (1 week)

Our students are so curious as to who we're voting for, but we have to keep that a secret......the third debate tonight will be surely entertaining, and  I'm bet we'll be having plenty of political chats tomorrow on our lunch break between sips of coffee! :) 

Be sure to use the hashtag #whatimplanningwednesday to see what other teachers are planning! We’re looking forward to seeing your plans!


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