Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We’re back for a #whatimplanningwednesday post! Search the hashtag on Instagram to see what other teachers are planning!

Our classrooms are in full fall mode these days! Our new social studies unit is all about the first Thanksgiving. We started this unit focusing on TheVoyage on the Mayflower.

Then we studied the Wampanoag tribe and their influence on the pilgrims.

This week we’re studying life in Plymouth Colony.

Because next week is a 3-day week, we’re planning a mini first Thanksgiving research activity, using our research booklet.

Our pocketbooks are clear, systematic, and follow the same routine each week which ensures success for our students! Not only are our students in routine, but so are we. The pocketbooks are easy to assemble and are able to be completely modified, if needed. Both Double Dose teachers work in self-contained classrooms and our aides are always commenting about how much they learn, too!

We’ve also been planning some fun fall math craftivities to keep our kiddos engaged. Our school schedule has been a little off lately, between Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. To keep our students on task, we incorporated these fun craftivities to review our skills so far. These are perfect for kindergarten and first grade!

Last week we counted by 10s with this leaf craftivity.
Show us your plans by using the hashtag #whatimplanningwednesday. We’re halfway through the work week everyone, stay strong!


  1. Your first Thanksgiving resources look amazing! Check out my blog for my #whatimplanningwednesday plans.

  2. Just used the leafin' by tens craftivity in my classroom yesterday! It turned out great!!!

    1. How exciting! Thanks for sharing, I noticed our counting of dimes up to $1.00 really improved after this lesson :)