Monday, March 27, 2017

Sweeten up your Business Cards

If you are attending or have attended a teacher conference, then you know the stress of designing and presenting your business card in a way that will stand out among the brilliant and over the top creative ones already out there. Teacherpreneurs know firsthand, that first impressions are important. In the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, they have already developed a sense of who you are what you are about. Your business card should reflect who you are as a person as well as your brand. We are heading to TPT Flock, a Teachers Pay Teachers meet-up in less than a couple of weeks in western NY. It’s a group of almost 200, ambitious and hardworking teacher authors and it’s the perfect time to collaborate and make connections and friends with the same passion as us! We want to have something to give to our new friends so they can easily find us later and more importantly, remember who we are and what we stand for as educators. You might remember we shared about a holiday meet up we had in December here. We know that sitting all day can make anyone a bit antsy and we always find that a bit of sugar goes a long way on these days. We made business card candy bags and filled the bags with candy that matched our brand. Luckily for us, we hit the Easter candy jackpot at Oriental Trading and it matched our brand perfectly. 

Here is what you need:

*Parchment Bags

*Glue Dots

*Washi Tape


*Business Cards

We were able to easily get our candy and pink parchment bags at Oriental Trading.  They had many different colors to choose from and we were thrilled that they had the exact  shade of pink we were looking for. They also have cute washi tape too if you want to make it easy on yourself and get everything from one spot. You can check out their supplies here. We already had some from a past project. 

First, put glue dots on the back of your business card and attach it to the front of the parchment bag.

Next, fill the bag with 4-5 pieces of candy. If you fill it too much, it will look bulky and the top of the bag won't close evenly.

Then, fold the top of the bag over and attach the washi tape over the seam. 

And that is it! Have fun connecting and expanding your brand at your next meet-up, conference or event while leaving your new friends or potential customers something sweet to remember you by! Oriental Trading sent us the parchment bags and candy to make these business cards in exchange for our honest review of the merchandise. All opinions are that of our own.

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