Friday, April 28, 2017

5 Quick Tips to help you get Organized Now!

We can't believe that it's already May next week, and that means we're in the home stretch to finish out the school year!! It's important to stay on top of those to-do lists now more than ever to help May and June run as smoothly as possible. Check out our favorite tips and ways to help keep you on track in the classroom and at home!

1.       Keep a planner. The Double Dose teachers cannot live without their matching planners! We write everything from meeting dates, lesson plans, and future ideas for resources, and everything in between. Pull out your flair pens and color coordinate as much as you can too!


 2.   Amp up your to-do list! I have so much going on in trying to juggle work, Teachers Pay Teachers, grad school assignments and things to do around my house…and most days I just.can’t.even. handle it all. I like to always have a visual list going, and section it off into the 4 areas of my life that I am trying to manage. It’s right next to my desk for easy access, and the dry erase board makes it easy to add or change as things come up.

  3.   Stay organized with file folders! My file folders are the perfect home accessory to tie up all the loose ends and paper clutter that I have laying around my office at both home and in school. Check out these adorable file folders from Oriental Trading---and the best part is is that they come in so many different fun patterns and colors!

    4.    Another recent obsession of ours: our Apple Watches. They are perfect for texting each other on the go, getting reminders for our upcoming appointments, finding directions, and even for sending animated emojiis (who knew it could do that?). Check out 22 new ways to use your new Apple Watch that you may not have known about!

  5. Lastly, get organized the night before for the next morning! This is something that we find very important. Mornings go so much smoother when you have spent a few minutes the night before picking out your clothes and laying them out! We also like to meal prep our lunches to make the weekdays smoother. You might remember last we wrote about teacher meal preps here. When we just do not have the energy for it--one of the Double Dose teachers swears by throwing a high protein Uncrustable sandwich in a lunch bag and calling it a day. Let's face it-sometimes getting organized the night before can seem extremely daunting after a holy grail of a Teacher Tired day! 

  We hope you have found these quick tips that you can easily implement today helpful to get you through the last few weeks of the school year! 

{To stay organized in the classroom, check out these Interactive classroom resources for the busy teacher}

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