Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week!

As a principal, I have made it a goal of mine to help improve the culture and climate of the building right from the get-go….and what better way than to be there for the teachers, supporting them and acknowledging that they are truly the “glue” of our school!! I am so excited to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with my staff, and do a little something extra to show them how much they are appreciated.

These ideas spread some cheer, but don’t break the bank. They are perfect if you have many staff members to accommodate and need to do something cost-effective. I suggest going to a wholesale store like Sam’s Club or BJ’s to stock up on what you need, and get the best price at the same time.

Food Trucks: Food trucks are a “thing” in our area, so we got 3 of them to come on different days during lunchtime. The school didn’t pay for any of the lunches, however people were eager to take advantage and try something new on their lunch break. So much fun! J

Day 1: “I Donut What I Would Do Without You!”
To start the morning off, I delivered each classroom a box of donut holes. Everyone enjoyed a small breakfast treat to start the week off right! 

Day 2: “Just Popping by to Say Thank You”
A bag of popcorn was delivered on Tuesday! By this point, people started to catch on to the little goodies that were coming, and said they were looking forward to see what was next. Many staff members enjoyed popcorn on their lunch breaks too!

Day 3: Coupon Day!!
This may have been the favorite treat of all—and even better, it was the most cost effective! I gave coupons for each staff member to leave 30 minutes early on any day that they choose, and they can also wear jeans one day as well. They loved these little “perks”, and were so appreciative!
Day 4: Candy Recognition
I found cute tags to print out and attach to different types of candy, and the staff enjoyed picking what kind they wanted out of a basket. Check out the adorable tags here made by Crazy Little Projects and you will be sure to find something for everyone!!
Day 5: Flowers
An individual plant was a great way to end the week for everyone. It’s always nice to spread some cheer through flowers, and it really brightened everyone’s day! Look around for a local flower wholesaler, and you may be able to buy them in bulk. I said that my order was for teachers, and ended up getting a discount!

Are you interested in any of the labels that I used? Grab all four of them here in our Teachers Pay Teachers store, and put together your own goodies for Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Check out my FAVORITE label right here for a FREE instant download to share with your teacher bestie!

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